Welcome to my Photography page

My interest in photography, like my other hobbies , includes several areas. I like Microscopic and macro photography, nature, landscape, and Naval Architecture amongst other subjects. I started photography as a child with a a Brownie film camera. I bought my 35mm Pentax MX in 1977, and I still shoot with it sometimes. Occasionaly, I will scan some of my early photos or slides and post them here. I also scan old negatves and photos in my parents collection and restore them using Paint Shop Pro. I especially like scanning some of my dad's slides that he shot on his 35 mm Agfa when he was posted with the Canadian military in Germany in 1959-1963 and on peacekeeping duties in the Sinai in 1965. These days I shoot Pentax digital. I also enjoy doing video and animation. Please note that my permission is required for the use of any of my photos posted here or on my websites.

Painted trillium. 1978 Kalmia angustifolia. 1978 Flowering PussyWillows Wild Rhododendrons and Shadbush flowers. 1978 American Widgeon male in flight
Red Breasted Merganser male in flight. Our House Sept. 10, 2005