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Your cabin is constructed here in Nova Scotia of fine, kiln dried Pine logs. Some of the pine used in these logs was salvaged from the damaged trees of a recent Hurricane in Point Pleasant park in Halifax. These beautiful Nova Scotia white pine logs were the staple of the Nova Scotia shipbuilding industry in the past, and are rare to see in these sizes and quality. The cabin interiors are finished with clear acrylic-latex or polyurethane finish, so you gotta love the natural wood look!

Natural, sustainable building products are used wherever practical on our farm and in our cottages. (We don't like melamine or particle boards because of their gassing-off .) Minimal damage was done to the trees and the environment during construction. Red Oaks have highest priority on our farm (my celtic heritage?), but all trees are honored and respected for their multiple values. State of the art construction techniques were used to protect the environment and the waters of the Bras D'or lakes.

We offer bilingual service (French and English). Our Cabins have private covered decks with a scenic view of the lakes and Mountains. Each cottage has it's own particular angle of the view. We have one barrier free cottage with 1 bedroom and a 4 piece bathroom, and 1 single bedroom cottage with Queen size canopy bed and 4 piece bathroom including 2 person whirpool bath. For the travelling family, or for two people (or couples) who each want their own room, we have 1 two bedroom cottage with 4 piece bathroom. All cottages have efficiency kitchens with new fridge, new stove and microwave oven. We also have a 27" TV Vhs/DVD in each cabin and a common laundry available for cottagers. We get 3 english channels (CTV, Global and CBC) and 1 French channel(CBC).



People often ask about the beach, so I have decided to take some pictures this April to show you. We have built a trail through the woods that is about 2500 feet long and comes out at the railroad tracks. The trains are still very active, so please take great caution here. A one hundred foot wide strip of the railway's property cuts through our land, and it is very dangerous and illegal to walk along the tracks, but on the other side is the water frontage along the Bras' Dor lakes. It is salt water and very natural, the water is usually quite warm in July. In early August it can reach 70 F sometimes. Since it has 6 inches of tide and is Salt water, fishing for non-residents is allowed up to the rail bridge seen in the picture, which passes over the mouth of George's River. If you go up too far along the river, you will need a fishing license to angle for trout or salmon, but steel-heads and saltwater species are allowed to be taken. Don't take the lobsters. Big fines! You are better off to buy them from the local fishermen in North Sydney and cook them up on the BBQ side burners. We have some big pots if you need them. Here are some photos taken spring 2010:

Looking West at Rail Bridge Over George's River

Looking West to George's River Looking East to Big Bras D'or

Looking East up to Big Bras D'Or


A very curious resident on the beach!

Start of the Trail to the Shore by Laundry Shack (Trail is about 2500 feet long)


Cottage Common Area For Campfire


Laundry Shack and Cold Water Washer & Dryer




Below are some beauty shots I could not resist sharing with you!

A Photo of our house looking south at 20 Allen Lane with a double Rainbow. Photo Taken on September 10, 2005 at 6:35 pm.


Midnight Winter Moon at the Cabins

The streak to the left of the moon is a passing JetLiner, you can see the pinpoints of the blinking strobe in the timelapsed exposure (4 dots = 1 per second). The cloud glow to the east on the horizon is the City of Sydney, which is about 40km away. The Photo was taken at 11:29 pm on March 4, 2007. Exposure was 4 seconds at F 6.7. I biased the exposure up 1.0. The moon dominated the starfield, but on moonless clear nights the stars are amazing in Cape Breton! I love the silhouettes of the mature white spruce on my field edges, so Canadian!

This is a photo taken of cottage 2, looking North , 4 minutes earlier at 11:55 PM , with an exposure of 8 seconds. Notice the interesting flare of the electric lights across the Bras D'or Lakes; the one on the left is in the opposite direction, the ones in the centre more round, so I think the flare may be due to the curvature of the camera lenses. The cottages were only 2 years old then, and it is very interesting how much the trees have grown since then. The shadow of the little spruce in the left fore ground is a Moon Shadow. Mike Oldfield and Cat Stevens songs are running through my head now!