suffolk sheep


The suffolk sheep in my flock comprise a number of ewes whom I have selected for their mothering ability. They produce a rich milk and are generally thoughtful and caring mothers. Some suffolk have short black hairs on their face and legs, but white wool in the body area as illustrated in the picture above. But just like in the Walt Disney movie "So Dear to My Heart", I have a soft spot for the black wooled sheep. I presently have two older Purebred Suffolk ewes who produce a silver -grey wool. Some of their offspring produce a coal black lambs wool, of which the tips of the wool will often sunbleach to an ochre red color when they are about a year old. When blended carefully with white wool , we can produce a yarn that is the pleasant grey color often associated with wool blankets and wool socks. The two wool mills who buy our wool in Atlantic Canada, Briggs & Little, and MacAuslands from PEI, are quite happy to accept the black wool, not like the Grandmother's initial attitude in "So Dear to My Heart". "It's what you do with what you've got!" is an excellent theme song for anybody to summarize the ORGANIC philosophy.

Black welsh

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