Amateur Radio
I have been a "Ham" for several years now. My chief interest is in Packet radio, which was largely invented in Canada, the technology was the precursor to information transmission on the internet. I usually run my Packet Radio Station on 2 meters, but it is presently dismantled and being worked on..
Marine and Micro-biology
I am very interested in the salt waters of the Atlantic, especially the Bras D'Or lakes. It is not uncommon to see me some where around the lakes taking temperature and salinity measurements, or wading with my bucket and net in tow. The Bras D'Or lakes are actually "Brackish Water" lakes, varying in salinity between salt and fresh water. They are opened at both ends of the lake to the open ocean, but their tides are only a couple of inches.There are plenty of Lobster and Cod in the lakes, but numbers vary wildly. Very little is known about the Fauna and Flora blooms in the lakes, but the waters are usually teeming with Zooplankton and fish larvae. I always have one or two saltwater aquariums on the go for observation.
Model Making
When I was a sailor I used to pass my time building Remote Control Boats and airplanes. Now I spend my time modelling usually doing historical dioramas. Since I like sculpture, I have been interested in wax modelling and casting techniques..
I love music, all types. I have learned to "play by ear" the Button or diatonic Accordeon, Harmonica, and Tin Whistle. I especially love International Folk Music. Lately I have been trying to learn about the Great Highland Bagpipes. I have recently painted a Bodhran with a design inspired from the "Book of Kells".

I normally only play at church or at senior homes but if you have the bandwidth and would like to hear a sample of my button accordeon and vocals; I have uploaded an mp3 of one of the traditional Irish/ Newfoundland songs that I learned as a child:

Twenty One Years

Daniel O'Donell helped to popularize this song. Incidently, the background midi was produced by a fellow Derryman (my Derry ancestors came here in 1866), Charlie McLaren and you can visit his site and buy midis and mp3s at

Woodworking, Painting and Toll Painting
All those long months spent in the Arctic forced me to develop many interests to keep myself busy and pass the time . One other hobby that I started was Oil and Acrylic Painting. The Acrylic Painting has evolved into Tole painting on some of the wood furniture I build . I also enjoy fancy Fretwork. Recently I have been trying my hand at Oil and Acrylic Techniques on the computer. Here is the first computer painting I have done. Click on the Thumbnail to see the full size Jpeg picture.

Here is my most recent attempt that I painted this February, 1998. It is a sunset on the Bras D'or Lakes near Barachois Bay.



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