The Canadian Organic Growers' Site ...

You can join and get the subscription to the Magazine : "Eco / Garden ". I think that the magazine is great!


The New National Organic Standards for Canada...

Permitted Substance List

The Canadian Organic Agriculture Board has worked hard to develop a concise standard to protect the consumer. When you see this logo: Canadian Logo

you will know that the producer had to conform to these Canadian standards.


The Logo shows certification with Nova Scotia standards : NSOGA Logo This organization and certification no longer exists (2012).

It merged with Atlantic Certified Organic.



Link to ACORN

This is a direct link to the ACORN website. You may search for an organic producer near you in Atlantic Canada. Buy Local if you can!



So you would like to know more about Breeds of Sheep...

Oklahoma State University's excellent webpage for breeds of domestic animals


An Excellent Page for Birdwatchers and admirers of Roger Tory Peterson

As you can tell, I also love birds. This webpage is an excellent tribute to the late Mr. Peterson.


Mike Moore's Herb School

If you want to learn humungous amounts about medicinal herbs, check out this HUGE and generous webpage. The Guy was a Guru on the subject!!

Michael Moore Passed away in 2009. Visit his website to see how his family and friends are keeping his life's work alive.


Nova Scotia Birds


This is an excellent page that just went up in December 1997. Don't forget to check out the excellent transcription to the web of Mr. Robie Tufts NS bird book.


Link to TEC Server

Mi'kmaw Education

This is the web page that my wife's organization is developing. They are also working hard to develop webpages for each one of their schools. We both feel very strongly about the value of education.



WindHorse Farm

For a very interesting visit to a sustainable farm with a special eco-agri-relationship, visit this interactive site of a Farm in New Germany, Nova Scotia.



Other Organic Links:


Alternative Farming Systems Information Center

Canada Agriculture

Yahoo! - Science:Agriculture:Organic Farming

Yahoo! - Society and Culture:Environment and Nature:Sustainable Development


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