Married in 1986...the girl has my heart.


First Daughter born in 1989

Second Daughter born in 1990

Third Daughter joined our family in 1996 and now on her own!

New Baby Boy in 1998


I worked as a marine engineer with Canadian Coast Guard for almost 10 years. Worked as power (stationary) engineer for another 10 years. Also worked in a lumber mill in Quebec, sold Real Estate in Annapolis Valley , N.S., and Power Transmission products in Ottawa, Ontario. The last 8 years I have been working on my Mixed up Sheep Farm, and occasional computer work.

Places I've Been

Germany, Netherlands,All of Canada's Atlantic Provinces, Islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon (France), Ontario, Quebec, N.W.T., North West Passage from Labrador to Alaska, The Magnetic North Pole, Pacific Ocean from Alaska to Balboa, Panama Canal, Atlantic Ocean from Gulf of Mexico to Sable Island, Vancouver city, Vermont, New York State, Maine.


This page is dedicated to the memory of our good friend, Spot, who was with us for 14 years and passed away January 14, 1998. A special welcome to our new friend, born near January 26, 1998; Patches (formerly Laddie) , who with the help of the Cape Breton Branch of the SPCA, joined us on April 11, 1998. We think a part of Spot's spirit lives on in Laddie! Patches was supposed to be a border collie, but his Bernese Mountain genes dominated and he now is a guard dog, unfortunately (for the sheep) he has bonded with people and not sheep!








One of my favorite hymns...

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